Aisling Organics Provides Organic Makeup For Health-Conscious Consumers

By Frederick Daso

The cosmetics industry continues to boom. From traditional brands like Maybelline to Kylie Cosmetics, women continue to select the makeup that reflects who they are. However, the ingredients used in conventional makeup brands are known to cause medical issues for users. Krysta Lewis suffered ailments for years until finally discovering the cause being the makeup she used. Lewis went on to create Aisling Organics, a fashion tech startup who’s mission statement is “to be the leading provider in organic cosmetics for the health conscious individual by offering superior customer service, beauty and product education and inspiring people worldwide to take control of their health.” The Salem, New Hampshire-based company is backed by Lear Capital Partners.

Marc Lussier, a partner at the firm, says, "I became aware of the issues surrounding clean beauty when I was lucky enough to be present for a pitch by Krysta. She presented the data and issues so clearly and concisely that my immediate thoughts went to the women in my life, and I hoped that they were using products like Aisling."

Frederick Daso: What led to the discovery of your cosmetics as the source of your illnesses? 

Krysta Lewis: I grew up in the industry as my family owned the largest beauty supply distributor on the East Coast, which got acquired by L'Oreal. Makeup artistry has always been a hobby and artistic channel for me, but I didn't realize something I adored could be hurting me in the way it was. For years, I suffered from migraines and nausea, and even the best of the best doctors couldn't figure out what the culprit was. One morning I was sitting at my vanity, and it hit me that I didn't know what was in these products I was smothering all over my face yet I read ingredient labels diligently for the food I consumed. 

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