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Unparalleled fragrance integrity. Sustainable, hand poured in the USA.

Trapp Votive

Trapp products have soothing aromas with the ability to change the entire nature of a room. Experience the exquisite aromas through all of Trapp's products.


Kai is a relatively simple, easy-to-wear scent. ... Kai smells like gardenia, but it is not that gardenia. The green notes temper the sweetness of the florals, and once it calms it is very soft. It smells clean and fresh, but not aggressively so.


Specifically designed for use in the kitchen, Cucina Hand Soap is formulated with first cold pressed olive oil and an olice derivative that gently cleanses while respecting the skin;s natural protective film. Delicately scented, it rinses off completely to avoid interfering with the flavour of your favorite foods.


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