Everything You Need to Know About Styling Your Hair With Flexi-Rods

The size you should use, the products to use with them, how to install them, and more.


Whether you are natural, relaxed, or somewhere in between, the fact of the matter is most of us like to switch up our hairstyles. Twist-outs are cute and curling irons get the job done quickly, but there are many other styling methods out there. One is using flexi-rods, a semi slept-on, heatless secret that is the perfect alternative to curling irons, traditional hard rollers, or a time-consuming twist-out process.

The catch? Setting your hair with flexi-rods can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you haven't tried them before. "The process of installing [rollers] into your hair is a little tricky — there's a 

specific wrapping method that can pretty much make or break the style," explains blogger and content creator, Aisha Beau Johnson, whose popular YouTube tutorial on using flexi-rods has 20K views and counting. "A flexi-rod set is a much better alternative than using a curling iron on your hair because it doesn't apply a great deal of heat directly to your hair."

Practice does make perfect, but to help you gain more confidence, we tapped into a savvy set of stylists and natural hair bloggers to get those curls popping. Let’s roll!

All Textures Are Welcome

You might be wondering, "Wait, can I do a rod set?" And the answer is a resounding hell yes. LaChay Patrice, senior natural hair specialist at Her Growing Hands Luxury Natural Salon, says she's heard concerns that flexi-rod sets won't work on all textures, but "that is so far from true. Any and all textures are capable of this amazing curly look, but again, it's all about product and technique," she says. So type 4s, don't fret — this one is for y'all, too.

Pick The Right Product Cocktail

First things first, you’re going to want to start with freshly-cleansed hair. "If its cleaner, it's going to give you a bouncier curl," explains Patrice. "If you have not shampooed your hair in a while and it is feeling like it has a lot of product buildup, I would recommend you shampoo with a tea tree-based shampoo. This will help you remove excess residue. If you have recently shampooed, just give yourself a co-wash (like The Juice Cleanse Hydrating Cleanser) — this product is super great for giving you a hydrated cleanse."

After your hair is cleansed, you want to make sure you add in some hydration, but finding the right one is determined by your style goals; i.e. going from straight to curly, textured to more defined, etc. But no matter what final look you want to end up with, Robin Groover, African Pride brand educator and founder of Too Groovy Salon, recommends starting with the lightest products first.

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